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A Clean Septic System
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Septic Contractors in Tully, New York

Northrup Septic Service
of Tully, New York, is a team of contractors skilled in all areas of system upkeep. We specialize in septic pumping as part of a maintenance routine that ensures proper operation of your system.
We also do minor repairs that restore your equipment to top shape and clean out restaurant grease traps to prevent fires. To ensure you receive good offers if you sell your home, we do testing and pump certification. Avoid septage contamination with services from our septic contractors in Tully, New York.

Septic Contractors, Septic Pumping in Tully, NY
Our Septic Services Include:
• Pumping/Maintenance
• Minor Repairs
• Real Estate Testing
• Anaerobic Treatment System
• Grease Trap Cleaning
A Dirty But Necessary Job
Northrup Septic Service is a family-owned-and-operated business that provides thorough, prompt and reasonably priced service. Also, we are honest and won't do a service if it's not necessary to prevent unnecessary costs to the client. Because we're concerned about the environment, we maintain your septic system to help prevent pollution of nearby waterways and surrounding areas.

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