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Septic Pumping in Tully, New York

Keep your system clear of blockage with septic pumping from Northrup Septic Service. In conjunction with repairs, we do the work that ensures all elements of your septic system function properly. Stop system clogs before they progress too far with septic pumping from our company in Tully, New York.
Real Estate Testing
When you sell your house, most contracts state that your septic system must be inspected. The two forms normally requested are:
Dye Test—We introduce dye to the septic system and run 75 gallons of water through it to ensure that the leach field remains the same throughout the test. • Pumping Certification—To provide your septic system with a clean bill of health, we perform our typical pumping service and certify it through inspection of the overall system.
Septic Contractors, Septic Pumping in Tully, NY
We pump out wastewater and solids to make sure that all components of your system are intact and operating correctly. We recommend periodic pumping not to exceed 5 years.
Minor Repairs
Get fast help for your septic system issues from Northrup Septic Service. We offer baffle repairs, pump station repairs, and distribution box repairs and replacements. Before any work is done, we provide you with a job estimate.
Anaerobic Treatment System
Singulair Green® is a natural product used on lakefronts and in other areas where there isn't adequate space for a conventional septic system. It pre-treats the water prior to it going into a dispersal system.
Grease Traps
We recommend that restaurants and anyone else with grease traps have them cleaned while pumping is done. Cleaning is done on a maintenance basis to prevent major catastrophes from old grease buildup.

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